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Photo of Dr Eriko Ogden

Dr Eriko Ogden

Honorary Fellow

I am currently involved in the following projects:

  • Co-editor and principal translator of the Japanese translation of S.R.F. Price and E. Kearns eds. Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003). Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • I am preparing the first translation into Japanese of the works of Dinarchus, Lycurgus, Hypereides and Demades, with substantial commentaries, for the Kyoto Classical Texts series published by Kyoto University Press.
  • I am a member of the editorial board of Beytulhikme, An International Journal of Philosophy, edited by Mustafa Çevik.

My main research concerns are:

  • Interdisciplinary and revisionist approaches to Plato’s ethical and political philosophy.
  • The comparative study of Plato’s writings and those of other ancient authors.
  • The investigation of Plato’s thinking about myth and religion in cultural context.
  • Ancient Greek political and legal concepts, and their relation to modern political and legal concepts.
  • Ancient Greek political and forensic oratory.


'Lucianus, Plato and Philosophy: the Case of the Philopseudes' in Mustafa Cevik ed. International Symposium on Lucianus of Samosata. Adiyaman, 2009. 137-44.

with Mustafa Çevik, ‘Platon’un Gorgias inda 'Techne' Hakkinda Düşünceler ve' in Y. Kiliç ed. Antik Yunan’da Felsefe ve Çagimiza Etkileri. Dogubati Press, Ankara, 2011. 449-62. 

Translator, D. Ogden, 'The Sorcerers of Lucian's Philopseudes', complementary essay pamphlet for Lucian III in the Kyoto Classical Texts series. Kyoto University Press, Kyoto 2014.

International conference paper: 'Utopianism and Realism in Plato's Politics' at VI Jornadas sobre el Pensamiento Utopico: Utopia Antigua / Ancient Utopia, 19-20 November 2009, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

PhD thesis title: Plato's Gorgias and the Art of Politics (awarded May 2008, Exeter)

My husband is Daniel Ogden, Professor of Ancient History

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