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Photo of Dr Chiara Meccariello

Dr Chiara Meccariello


I received a PhD in Classics from the University of Pisa, and then held research and teaching positions in Vienna, Oxford, Goettingen and Cambridge. Much of my research is in the field of papyrology: I enjoy combining editorial work with broader cultural-historical investigation, and I use papyri and other evidence to explore how Greek poetry was read, interpreted and studied in the Hellenistic and Roman worlds.

Selected publications:


• Le hypotheseis narrative dei drammi euripidei. Testo, contesto, fortuna, Rome 2014.

• The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, vol. LXXXI, edited with J.H. Brusuelas, London 2016.

Journal articles and essays in edited volumes

‘Eight and Counting. New Insights on the Number and Early Transmission of Euripides’ Satyr Dramas’, in A. Antonopoulos et al. (eds.), Reconstructing Satyr Drama, Berlin/New York 2021, 283-302.

‘Well Begun is Half Done’? Uses and Misuses of Incipits in Greek Antiquity and Beyond’, ​in F. Ginelli/F. Lupi (eds.),​ Piecing the Past Together. The Continuity of Classical Literature through Fragmentary Traditions, Berlin/New York 2021, 57-77.

‘The Fountain of Arsinoe in ​Supplementum Hellenisticum​ 978’,​ Segno e Testo 18 (2020), 1-16.

‘A Catalogue of Virtuous Women. Myth and Mythography in Clement of Alexandria, Stromateis 4.19.118-123’, Vigiliae Christianae 74 (2020), 411-432.

‘The First Medea and the Other Heracles. On Alleged Double Versions of Euripidean Plays’, Philologus 163 (2019), 198-213.

‘An Emendation in Apollonius Sophista’s Lexicon Homericum’, Classical Quarterly 67 (2017), 332-5.

Research interests

Greek literature (especially tragedy and satyr drama); papyrology; textual criticism; ancient education; Greco-Egyptian cultural interactions

Research supervision

I am happy to discuss research proposals from potential PhD candidates in the following areas:

  • Greek Papyrology
  • Ancient scholarship
  • Textual transmission
  • Hellenistic literature and culture
  • Greek tragedy and satyr drama
  • Ancient education
  • Greek mythography

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