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The Centre for Hellenistic and Later Greek Studies has organised and hosted many related research conferences. These conferences draw together academics and postgraduates for discussion, research dissemination and to promote research collaborations.

Forthcoming events: Antigonid Network Seminars

  • Tuesday 21st March 2023 – Sofia Kravaritou, ‘Thessaly and the Antigonids: insights into Hellenistic religion in context’
  • Tuesday 25th April 2023 – Charalampos Chrysafis, ‘Antigonid Garrisons in Greek Poleis after 301 BCE’
  • Tuesday 16th May 2023 – Emma Nicholson, on her book (2023) Philip V of Macedon in Polybius’ Histories: Politics, History and Fiction, OUP.
  • Tuesday 13th June 2023 – Shane Wallace, ‘Athens and the Antigonids’

 Past events

  • Tuesday 31st January 2023 – Kostas Buraselis, ‘Remarks on a royal funeral at Salamis (Cyprus)’
  • Tuesday 6th December 2022 – Monica D’Agostini, ‘Philip V, Messene and Aratus’ Panhellenic Dream’
  • 3-4th November 2022 - Conference: Stranger Kings in Antiquity, University of Exeter. Hosted by the Centre for Hellenistic and Romano-Greek Culture and Society, and supported by the Classical Association, the Institute of Classical Studies, and The Hellenic Society.
  • Tuesday 20th September 2022, Annelies Cazemier, ‘Antigonid kings and Greek sanctuaries’
  • Tuesday 28th June 2022, 5 pm (UK), Annelies Cazemier, on ‘Antigonid kings and Greek sanctuaries’. 
  • Tuesday 7th June 2022, 5 pm (UK), Paschalis Paschidis on “City, ethnos and king in Antigonid Macedonia: the evidence from the new asylia decrees”. The recording can be found here.
  • Tuesday 19th April 2022, 5 pm (UK), Yiannis Xydopoulos, on "Philip III: a puppet king". The recording can be found here.
  • Tuesday 15th February 2022, 5 pm (UK), Franca Landucci on her book, (2021) Diodoro Siculo. Biblioteca storica. Libri XIX-XX. The recording can be found here.
  • Tuesday 7th December 2021, 5 pm (UK), Manuela Mari on “Interactions between Antigonid kings and local authorities” (epigraphy)
  • Tuesday 9th November 2021, 5 pm (UK), Francesco Ferrara on his book, (2020) Basileus e Basileia. Forme e luoghi della regalità macedone, Edizioni Quasar.
  • Tuesday 28th September 2021, 5 pm (UK), Robin Waterfield on his book, (2021) The Making of a King. Antigonus Gonatas of Macedon and the Greeks, University of Chicago Press.
  • The Sensoaesthetic Aspect of Ancient Materials, 1st -2nd of July 2021, University of Exeter in Collaboration with The Cyprus Institute. A workshop organized by Maria Gerolemou (A. G. Leventis Research Associate, University of Exeter) and Thilo Rehren (A. G. Leventis Professor for Archaeological Sciences, The Cyprus Institute)
  • Change and Resilience in Antiquity Seminar Series April – July 2021. Programme Change and Resilience in Antiquity Seminar Series April – July 2021
  • Tuesday 15th June 2021, 5pm BST: Chrysanthi Kallini, on pottery in Antigonid Macedonia. The recording can be found here.
  • Tuesday 18th May 2021, 5 pm BST: Olga Palagia on Antigonid Portraiture. The recording can be found here.
  • Tuesday 9th March 2021, 5 pm BST: Katerina Panagopoulou on her book, Τhe Early Antigonids: Coinage, Money and the Economy (2021). The recording can be found here.
  • Tuesday 26th January 2021, 5 pm BST: Peter Van Alfen on The Antigonid Coins Online project. The recording can be found here.
  • Thursday 26th November 2020, 4.30 pm BST: Monica D’Agostini on her book, The Rise of Philip V (2019). The recording can be found here.
  • Friday 25th September 2020, 9 am BST: Charlotte Dunn & Pat Wheatley on their book, Demetrius the Besieger (2020). The recording can be found here.
  • Technological Animation in Classical Antiquity, supported by the A. G. Leventis Foundation, 6th – 7th December 2019. 
  • Day-School: Kings, Queens and Cities. An informal day-school with Sheila Ager. 30th April 2019, University of Exeter.
  • Conference: Macedonia After Alexander: the Antigonids and their Kingdom, 8th June 2018, University of Exeter. Supported by the A.G. Leventis Foundation. Macedonia After Alexander: the Antigonids and their Kingdom
  • Day-School: Dynastica Hellenistica. An informal day-school with Pat Wheatley. 17th November 2017, University of Exeter.
  • Dialogues between Greece and the East, 9-12 September 2013, An international conference organised and funded through the Leventis Initiative on the Impact of Greek Culture.
  • On the Psyche: Studies in Literature, Health, and Psychology, 4-7 July 2013, A conference supported by the College of Humanities, the Centre for Medical History, and the Classics Department, University of Exeter, to celebrate the work of Professor Christopher Gill.
  • Cultural F(r)ictions in Hellenistic Literature, 27-28 September 2012.
  • Approaches to Ancient Medicine, 2011, Supported by the Classical Association and the Wellcome Trust, at the Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter.