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Centre for Knowledge in Culture in Antiquity and Beyond

This Centre brings together research by colleagues in the discipline of Classics & Ancient History at the University of Exeter in specialised areas including ancient medicine, ancient science and the scientific imagination, metaphysics, philosophy, ethics, sexual knowledge, military strategy and political thought, and on ancient technical writings from across the Classical world.

Research areas within the Centre include:

  • The Ancient Scientific Imagination
  • Sexual Knowledge
  • The Literary Sensorium
  • The Brain in Early Hellenistic Medicine
  • Ancient and Modern Approaches to Wellbeing
  • Quotation Culture in Antiquity
  • Space and Time in Latin Poetry

We share an intellectual concern in understanding how forms and systems of knowledge function within their cultural contexts, both in antiquity and in post-classical cultures up to the present day.

Distinctive features of the Centre include:

  • Our common approach of broad-minded interdisciplinarity,
  • Our ambition to maximise and explore the potential of Classics to speak across interdisciplinary boundaries,
  • Our concern to disrupt and put into question boundaries between established disciplines and fields of expertise, both ancient and modern.

Centre members

Centre staff
Dr Katharine Earnshaw Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History
Dr Giacomo Fedeli Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History 
Professor Rebecca Flemming A.G. Leventis Chair in Ancient Greek Scientific and Technological Thought
Dr Gabriele Galluzzo Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy (Aristotle, ancient and medieval metaphysics; ancient theories of truth; contemporary metaphysics)
Dr Daniel King Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History
Professor Rebecca Langlands Associate Professor (Latin literature; Roman cultural history; Roman ethics; exempla and exemplarity; sexuality and gender; Classical reception)
Dr David Leith
Lecturer (Ancient medicine; philosophy; papyrology)
Dr William Short Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History
Professor Matthew Wright Professor of Greek

Research projects

Modelling Lexical Semantics in Ancient Languages Dr William Short 

Divine Knowledge: Religion, Gender, Ethnicity, and Access to Power in the Hellenistic and Imperial Greek World 

Mindful Classics: Embedding Contemplative Pedagogy into the Study of Antiquity

Dr Irene Salvo