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Photography Credit: Exeter Students' Guild

Humanities Success in the Students’ Guild Elections

We are proud to announce that four students from the College of Humanities have been elected as Sabbatical Officers. They were elected by students to lead the Students’ Guild for the 2016/17 academic year. English students, Shraddha Chaudhary and Tristan Gatward have been respectively elected as DVP International and VP Activities. Drama student, Harry Reeve has been elected as VP Education, while Ancient History student, Toby Gladwin was announced as Guild President. 

Shraddha has played committee roles in the Asian and UNICEF on Campus societies and has volunteered as an International Welcome Team member: ‘Being elected DVP International is one of the biggest things I’ve achieved. Having worked closely with the ISC [International Students’ Council], I look forward to integrating the vast regional society base here at Exeter and involving many more students with international events. Talking to numerous students during campaign week helped me register the issues that both international local students face in terms of feeling out of place at international events. I aim to change that mindset and enhance the cultural experience for all students here at Exeter’.

Online Music Editor at Exeposé, Tristan commented that Election Week was a ‘strange week’: ‘You and the team [are] placed into an essential extroversion which can be quite unsettling, and incredibly humbling. That there were friends willing to volunteer their days to stand on a cold hill in a mustard-coloured t-shirt with my face on it will always be something that touches and confuses me, but I'm so grateful.

Last year, Harry was a board member at the Exeter Northcott Theatre, and is ‘thoroughly delighted’ to be elected as VP of Education: ‘I am so overwhelmed and touched by the sheer amount of support received by those who voted for me, and particularly by my incredible campaign team. I could not have asked for a more enthusiastic and supportive team, who helped to share my passion for change with so many students despite fatigue and the miserable weather. I am ever so lucky, and ever so grateful. Thank you.’

Toby is currently President of the Classics Society, and the Societies Executive Officer. He states, ‘I’m completely overwhelmed with the support from friends. Thank you everyone who helped support my campaign and to all the students for voting! I am very much looking forward to working with the Guild and University to improve the student experience at Exeter’.

The College of Humanities is proud to work closely with the University of Exeter Students’ Guild to provide the best opportunities and representation of students at every level. The College wishes Shraddha, Tristan, Harry, Toby and their new colleagues every success in their roles and looks forward to working with them in the near future.

The newly elected Sabbatical Officers will begin their roles in July. Any Guild-related queries from now until then must be directed to the incumbent officers

Date: 26 February 2016

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