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Dialogues with the Past: Creative Interpretative Project (CLA3267)

15 credits

Ever imagined what it would be like to recreate Achilles’ shield? To tell a mythical tale in textile form, like the blanket in Catullus 64? To capture the thrill of Odysseus’ encounter with the Cyclops in clay-animation? Or write a musical interpretation of the Sirens’ lost song…?

This is a module which appeals to the inventive, the creative, the experimental… and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. It offers you a unique opportunity to engage critically with the ancient world specifically through creative and imaginative practice. The module will consist of a combination of specialist workshops which are designed to stimulate and enhance your creativity and to provide an intellectual framework for your creative enterprise, and work-in-progress seminars to support you in your individual project.

This is an opportunity not just to write about the Classical tradition, but to become a living part of it, and to bring the ancient past to life in provocative new ways.