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The Reception of Greek Culture (CLA3258)

15 credits

Does Greek still matter? Is this question relevant, and why do we ask it? Building on its sister module ‘The Impact of Greek Culture’ this module focuses primarily on the impact of Greek culture outside antiquity through the framework of reception studies. You will have the opportunity to examine how Greek culture has been used, represented, or engaged with at certain historical moments the west: these include but are not limited to the work of Erasmus, medieval and renaissance medicine, Shakespeare and English Drama, and Victorian culture (from body-building and the Olympic movement to Waterhouse); the liberation of Greece from Turkey, and the creation of the European Union. In terms of assessment, you will be given a high degree of freedom to determine your own research interests which are relevant to the course themes.  While there are no co-requisites for this course, the CLA3256 Impact of Greek Culture precedes it nicely.