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Laboratory for the Study of Science, Technology, Ancient Medicine and Philosophy

The Laboratory was set up in 2019 in order to promote the study of ancient science, technology, medicine, and philosophy at Exeter. Located within the Knowledge in Culture Centre, the Lab is dedicated to investigating specific aspects of ancient thought connected to ancient science. Some of the specialist areas we focus on include: ancient medicine, the body, technology, metaphysics, and ancient technical writing. Please consult individual pages of Lab members for more details regarding our work.

The Lab has several broad aims:

  • To serve as a hub for scholars and research students interested in ancient science or scientific thought;
  • To investigate the nature of ancient scientific thought and its place in ancient culture;
  • To examine the inter-relationship between different fields of medicine, philosophy, and technological thought.
  • To promote emerging research related to our areas of expertise.


We are an active group, with a range of different research activities. We meet regularly throughout the year to present work-in-progress, discuss research ideas, or colleagues various projects. We also have an active timetable of events related to different specialist areas of ancient scientific, philosophical, and medical thought. For these, see the tab below.

Students and Teaching:

The Lab is designed to promote teaching and research in relation to its areas of interest. We encourage students, particularly at the MA and research levels, to contact us regarding their interests.

For PhD students: we currently supervise a number of students working in related areas such as the ancient body, ancient medicine and philosophy, and ancient philosophy.

For MA students: the Lab is directly linked to the MA Science, Technology, Ancient Medicine, and Philosophy (STAMP) pathway. This includes modules, such as:

For UG students: a number of our UG modules also draw heavily on our related interests, especially some of the following modules:

Level 1:

Ancient World: Greek Philosophy

Ancient Sources (Written Evidence): Ancient Medicine

Level 3:

Receptions of the Classical Body

Ancient Science and Society

Contact us:

Please do get in touch at the following email address, if you would like more information or are interested in further study in this area: