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Cultural Transformations in Late Antiquity (CLAM104)

15 credits

This module explores a range of shifts in late-antique society and the ways in which these were expressed in the cultural products of the period. It covers a variety of different genres of literature (both fiction and non-fiction), which either came into being or were reformulated in response to changing political, social and religious circumstances.

This course will be of interest to anyone who wishes to understand the history and culture of late antiquity in greater depth, especially those who are studying Classics, History or Theology. Prior knowledge of the Roman and/or early medieval world will be an advantage, but is not a pre-requisite. Students who have taken CLA3108 (‘The World of Late Antiquity’) will find that this module offers them the opportunity to explore in much greater depth some of the topics of social, cultural, religious and political change that were touched upon in their earlier studies, as well as being able to spend time analysing some less well-known texts in more detail.